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PureLipo™ - Frequently Asked Questions.
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What can I expect during the liposuction procedure?
The procedure lasts approximately two hours. In addition to the tumescent anesthesia, you will be given oral medication. You will be awake, but relaxed during the procedure. Most patients feel slight pressure during the procedure. After the procedure, you will be swollen and will experience drainage of the tumescent fluid.

How quickly can I see results?
Most patients return to regular activities within three days of treatment. Patients will see most of their results within one month post liposuction though it may take up to four months to appreciate the final result. For the first few weeks after the procedure, patients experience swelling. Synergie lymphatic massage treatments are recommended after the procedure to reduce this swelling and give you a smoother result.

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Pure Lipo liposuction Before and After
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