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PureLipo™ - Frequently Asked Questions.
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How is PureLipo different than laser assisted liposuction?
You may have heard of SmartLipo™ or other forms of laser liposuction. The laser heats the fat cells, essentially dissolving them which then allows them to be suctioned out. It is frequently combined with another fat removal procedure if a large area is being treated. PureLipo liposuction uses tumescent fluid and micro cannulas to break up the fat cells. It is less traumatic and thus those cells can be transplanted to other areas if desired. This liposuction method allows for a broader range of areas that can be effectively treated and a more consistent cosmetic result.

Is PureLipo permanent?
The body’s shape and contour following PureLipo is permanent for the most part. Fat cells that are removed by PureLipo do not grow back. As long as you do not gain excessive weight, the shape and contour is permanent. If you gain weight after PureLipo, your figure will be a larger version of the new shape.

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