PureLipo liposuction Dallas from The Finer Touch, Richardson, Texas

Next generation liposuction that's right for everyone.

PureLipo™ is an innovative liposuction procedure that removes fat more effectively and evenly than traditional or laser liposuction. Yet PureLipo is so minimally invasive, it requires only a short in-office procedure. There's no anesthesiologist. No lengthy recovery time. None of the unattractive side effects often associated with traditional liposuction.
PureLipo is a cost-efficient way to quickly shed unwanted pounds from the places you want to trim down -- the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, hips and neck. The results are real and the fat is removed for good. Best of all, the results will be noticeable to everyone quickly!
The Finer Touch is proud to be an exclusive provider of PureLipo liposuction in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area including in Richardson and Plano. It can be used alone or as part of our innovative, personalized liposuction technique – Custom Touch Liposculpture. Either way, PureLipo is the fastest and gentlest way to shed cellulite and realize a slimmer, sleeker you. Here's one example of PureLipo liposuction before and after and what we can do for you.
Liposuction before and afterLiposuction before and after
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The Finer Touch uses PureLipo liposuction to treat patients from our Richardson office, near Plano and Dallas, Texas.  Our liposuction before and after images show the results.
If you have questions about PureLipo or liposuction in general, read answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, view liposuction before and after pictures in our gallery, call 972.388.1155, email us or visit our office in Richardson, north of Dallas, Texas.